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Why Raw Food Lifestyle can save our lives?

Posted by Matthew Katz on Apr 30, 2010 5:43:00 PM

Many books are out there on this subject, but this is the most concise one I have read recently: The Raw Food Lifestyle - The Philosophy and Nutrition behind Raw and Live Foods by Ruthann Russo, Phd.

Dr. Russo discusses her beliefs, vital recipies, important people and websites that have tremendous resources for us all to maintain and create a strong health presence. She covers the importance of eating more alkaline vs. acidic foods in our diet to avoid disease. She mentions retreats and places to go for healing and rejuvenation. It's a very easy read and you will come up with many important resources like these below to access and share with family and friends:


Raw Foods Websites - meals delivered - cloths - raw foods café, webstore, cloting & supplies - resources - Chi machines and portable infrared hothouse saunas - teflex sheets - wheatgrass frozen overnight from Canada (organic) - blue-green algae, kelp - young, untreated Thai coconuts - 13 types of "raw" organic chocolates - tea tree dental floss, tamari... - cloths and supplies - bars, chocolate, seeds, granola - supplements - wide selection of books, recipes, detox programs, etc. - raw food retreat, fasting, training, treatment chronic conditions in Florida - cookies, granola and cereal - snacks, supplements - chocolate, supplements, snacks - gone nuts! seasoned nuts, chocolate covered nuts - nuts - teas, spices, herbs - chocolate, nuts - flaxseed crackers and humus - green living resources - vitamin D3 - fresh, organic herbs and spices - laundry and cleaning supplies, soap - teas, herbs, list of medical disorders with natural treatment suggestions - snacks - snacks - green juicers (industrial strength) - snacks (NYC restaurant) - Tulsi teas, Ayurvedic supplies - probiotics - crystal energy - Natalia Rose recommended baked goods - Victoria boutenko's site - Classes, consultation, training, videos, culinary institute. - info on raw food and nutrition - info and recipies - clothes, snacks, staples - ice cream, choc. cov. bananas, living vitamin B nano-plex, cleavers to open coconuts - Meals delivered weekly if by Sat. - hemp seeds - chickpea and adzuki bean miso - snacks - lemon squares are the best - David Wolfe's products - nuts, seeds, oils, spices - raw cacao and goji berry treats - sauerkraut crock -Vitamin O, Vitazym, far infrared ray products - raw vegan ice cream overnight from CA - Dr. Gabriel Cousens - raw chocolate - center for mindfulness at U. of Mass Med. School - asafetida (Hing) spice

A terrific resource tool and gift to your loved ones!



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