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Un-Psoriasis Theory - how we get it and get rid of it?

Posted by Matthew Katz on Jan 8, 2012 5:49:00 PM

plaque psoriasis on skinMy name is Matthew Katz, the co-founder of dedicated to giving people an opportunity to heal their psoriasis in 21-days at the basin of the Dead Sea in Israel.

When I was at the Dead Sea spa in 2007, I interviewed every psoriasis patient I met and asked them the same questions:

When did you get psoriasis and why? On the surface this may not sound relevent since each chronic psoriasis patient tends to get this crazy skin condition at different times in life (some older or younger) but we all have an idea what might have "triggered" this autoimmune response! In my case, I know it was during my early marriage when we had our first daughter. As beautiful as she was then and is today, it was a stressful time for us and for me as a new father. What would it be like to help a newborn into the world. I remembered the movie "Carosel" and the song "My Son Bill!" I got scared. Financial stress and emotional new beginnings may have marked the beginning of my own skins reaction, resulting in psoriasis outbreaks.

What does this have to do with other psoriasis patients? We all have had some experience or a series of them that may have triggered this condition. Most everyone said that they had a tramatic experience. Can you remember anything that happened to you? PLEASE COMMENT AND SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES ON THIS BLOG. ALSO FORWARD IT TO OTHERS WHO SUFFER FROM ARTHRITIS, PSORIASIS, ECZEMA, ASTHMA AND EVEN TYPE-2 DIABETES. ALL ARE RELATED!

Along these lines, it came to my attention that we might be able to work on reversing this condition if we can get in touch with those tramatic feelings and reverse them first! It's kind of like going back through the "Eye of the Needle!"


What if key words can trigger feelings and their opposites could give us the answer or remedy? It's kind of like the science of Homeopathy with "opposites and likes" being the way to heal. So look at this list and see if any of the positive vs. negative words resonate in your life. The challenge here is to make any negative into a positive by breathing, relaxing, and even praying more about healing that negative energy!

Positive Feelings bringing us Health & Vitality Negative Feelings bringing on "Dis-eases"
 Being Thankful fo all of our blessings!  Unappreciated and Ungrateful
 Generosity  Greed and Selfishness
 Contentment and Satisfaction with our Lot  Dissatisfaction and Frustration with Life
 Being Comfortable in our "SKIN!" - who we are!  Overwhelmed, Overburdened, Out of Place
 Accepted, Understood and Appreciated by Others  Misunderstood, Feeling Stupid & Ridiculous
 Being Sincere  Two-Faced, Absurd
 Frank and Honest  Dishonest
 Envied and Looked-up To  Looked-Down Upon by Others
 Thrilled  Depressed, Miserable, Sorry, Unhappy
 Happy, Joyous & Fulfilled  Torn-Apart, Diminished
 Loyalty, Trust, Adoration, Commitment to Another  Feeling Betrayed, Abandoned, Jealous, a Failure, Lost
 Secure  Insecure, Threatented, Vulnerable, Resentful
 Loved & Admired  Hurt & Contemptible
 Respected  Mistreated & Demoralized
 Devoted  Take Someone for Granted
 Enchanted & Blissful  Disgusted & Turned-Off
 Empathetic  Intolerant & Unaccepting
 Chivalrous  Crumbled & Made of Fool of!
 Delighted  Angry & Bitter
 Desired  Rejected, Hopeless, Miserable
 Kind  Cruel, Disturbed
 Gentile  Violent
 Warm  Distant & Cold
 Considerate  Rude
 Open  Shut-down
 Friendly  Un-friendly
 Human  Strange, Disturbed
 Responsible, Accountable  Irresponsible, Guiltless
 Alert  Distracted
 Courageous, Brave  Fearful, Worried & Anxious
 Determined, Decided  Uncertain, Indecisive
 Enthusiasitc, Excited, Beaming  Paralyzed, Stuck & Helpless
 Confident  Stressed-out, Shaken, Shy, Shattered
 Important, Esteemed  Despised, Detested
 Competent  Threatened, Intimidated, Useless
 Fascinated  Bored
 Firm  Affected
 Fantastic  Commonplace & Familiar
 Passionate  Impassionate & Cold
 Radiating  Dark, Lacking Charm
 Special  General, Ordinary
 Fortunate  Deprived, Belittled
 Understanding  Intolerant, Un-accepting
 Unified  Disunited, Independent Sole
 Powerful, Solid, Sturdy  Puny, Powerless, Weak
 Alert  Distracted
 Centered  Confused, Lost, Unfocused
 Indispensable, Included  Excluded, Non-Essential
 Compassionate  Mean, Annoyed
 Patient  Impatient, Irritated, Anxious, Tormented
 Peaceful  Restless, Hostile, Furious, Agressive

The idea behind this is that we are a part of a world with many opposites. Up/down, Light/Dark, Inside/Outside, etc. G-d made a world of Yin’s & Yang’s. Every culture speaks of this.

Therefore, if psoriasis can exist, it must have an underlying cause or opposite such as “Un-psoriasis!” If we can restore what may have been a “Challenge” to us individually, then it might be possible for us to reap the “Blessing” of good health. Kabalistically, in recent readings, it is revealed that the major organ affecting psoriasis which is our liver is connected with “anger and indignation.” Interesting. Also, other organs such as kidneys are associated with emotions of “thought and contemplation” as well as “hearing and understanding.” Lastly our spleen connects with our “laughter and exhuberance” and gall blader delves with our level of “touching and sexuality!”

So what does this all infer for our healing process? If we can optimize and restore these organs to allow for better healing, must we not also improve our ways in which;

  1. we temper our anger and indignation
  2. thought and contemplation become more elevated
  3. hearing and understanding become less self-absorbed
  4. laughter and exhuberance are heart-felt and allowed to be youthful again
  5. touching and sexuality are open and free with our soul-mate

What also could occur regarding our need to rebuild self-confidence, pride (lack of shame), positive mental attitude, focus on our job/career/business, relax and create an ease (lack of frustration), openness, happiness? Once again, this includes the concept of “self-love!”

This is all very hard work, but it’s doable with some coaching. Ergo, we have created our support program called SUSTAINING WELLNESS beginning at the Dead Sea Spa this summer!

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