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First Lady Michelle Obama takes on Obesity? Or Diabetes in our Nation?

Posted by Matthew Katz on Feb 16, 2012 4:13:00 AM

Dear Michelle Obama,

describe the imageYou clearly recognize that the problems of obesity are far greater than weight control. The future illnesses of our country are in the hands of our children's eating habits and exercise regimes. It's more profound than children being heavy. The conditions that follow over-eating and not exercising are diabetes, high-blood pressure, heart conditions, stroke, blindness, amputations, cancers and early deaths. On top of all of this, the billions of dollars that will go to treat these unnecessary conditions can be prevented very easily if you can convince the McDonald Corporation and others to lead the way in a "fresh vegetable" and "fresh fruit" campaign. You are familiar with Dr. David Katz of the Yale Prevention Research Center, in Connecticut. He is a part of our website for prevention, while shares the larger mission of addressing acute illnesses which can still be reversed with nutrition and exercise like; Type-2 diabetes, Arthritis, Psoriasis, and many more. PLEASE READ ON!

We must also completely change school lunch programs to healthy vegan choices by educating young people to eat, exercise and grow up teaching the next generation about health. In the video below, Dr. Antonia Demas, describes her years of research with school lunch programs and childhood obesity. She is a fellow at Johns Hopkins who also studied at Cornell University with T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study. Dr. Demas has her own Food Institute ( and for 20 years has led programs teaching school systems in Baltimore and Vermont how to change their food plans. She’s written grants to educate children to cook in school and then help make smart-choice meals with their parents at home. Here is the beginning of change in terms of PREVENTION.




Change is the platform on which your husband was elected! Yet, in order to prevent a legacy of chronic illnesses, education is essential NOW more than ever!

In The China Study you’ll see the enormity of this issue.  According to many years of medical research by both Dr. Campbell’s and others, patients who are willing to radically change their diet to vegan foods may indeed reverse their illness and improve their chances for a better quality of life. As our First Lady, please help us begin this education process.

What if the fast food companies, like McDonald’s would agree to offer nutritionally healthy “vegi-burgers” with soy cheese, on whole grain buns, baked sweet potatoes (not fake ‘French-fried’ potatoes), along with mixed-greens salad bars, variety of fresh fruit, sugar-free juices, filtered water and date/apricot/granola bars? While they are asked to modify their menu’s, McDonalds and their competitors (Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Friendly’s, etc.) could each make contributions to help people with chronic diabetes and other autoimmune condions that can be helped by superior nutrition tobegin their new lives to enable them to recover by choosing a “vegan” diet. 

Read also our medical doctor, Joel Fuhrman, M.D.'s "Eat to Live" on our site and at all book stores in the U.S.

We ask that you lobby with all natural food companies and health organizations to pressure the junk food industry to:

Step one: Offer health food at their restaurants.  

Step two: Subsidize school lunches in their towns for the next 25 years under contract of recovery of health in the U.S.  

Step three: help to establish a fitness program in our local schools by outside consultants in the healing arts – Qigong is a natural example of an eastern movement that heals people as they exercise. Other sports are optional, but this exercise and perhaps Yoga or Pilates for stretching must be mandatory.

Please contact us to create a panel discussion at the White House with the three health and medical professionals listed and others in the health field. Let’s end the spending and start the healing process in America. The money spent on research, drugs and junk food can go to giving us our health back.  

HealthRightUSA, Inc. is a Connecticut nonprofit organization dedicated to providing relief from chronic arthritis, psoriasis and diabetes (type 2) by training patients to “Eat Right” – “Exercise Properly” and “Reduce Stress.” Participants can relax and detoxify at the Dead Sea in Israel returning home feeling renewed with a new lease on life.

At Turn The Tide Foundation, Dr. David Katz offers free programs to help our children eat, exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. Click Here!

Please contact us to bring together Dr. Katz, Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Demas in a forum to help all young people and adults with these chronic conditions: Arthritis, Psoriasis, Diabetes type-2, since they each lead to disablility and death when unresolved!

We are seeking an audience with you and other philanthropists like Oprah Winfrey who care about the future of our children's children!

Matthew A. Katz, Founder and Patient Advocate


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Type 2 diabetes is Easily Reversible with Superior Nutrition

Posted by Alyssa Francis on Nov 23, 2011 6:52:00 PM

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board certified physician with over 30 years of medical and nutritional expertise. He stresses the importance of healthy living to reverse type-2 diabetes, usually known as adult onset vs. youth (or insulin-dependent type-1).

fuhrman veggiebowl resized 600

Diabetes is a condition that over 20 million people suffer from in the United States. This is 8% of the population. Like many diseases, there a many health complications associated with type-2 diabetes. This is why the prevention and treatment to reverse this type of disease very important to know.

Eight in 10 people with type-2 diabetes are obese! Being overweight puts a person at risk for developing type-2 diabetes because it can lead our bodies to become insulin resistant. The effects of insulin resistance can cause an overweight person to develop diabetes. Excess weight interferes with the body’s ability to produce insulin or the ability to utilize insulin properly. If a person is overweight with diabetes, the body will require more insulin to get the sugar that it needs. Dr. Fuhrman encourages type-2 diabetics to live a healthier lifestyle and have a nutritious diet to lose weight and become well again.


As mentioned by Dr. Fuhrman, below are some major negative consequences associated with type 2 diabetes:

- It is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States

- Diabetes doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke which amounts to about

84% of diabetes-related deaths

- Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and kidney failure in adults.

- 60-70% of diabetics have some damage to their nervous system

- Type-2 diabetes increases the risk of cancer 

These facts should push everyone to start living a healthier, more active lifestyle to avoid the development of this disease or even reverse the disease and avoid its effects.

Dr. Fuhrman suggests a nutritious diet to reverse type-2 diabetes. He says. “The key to diabetes reversal is superior nutrition and exercise.” The diet that Dr. Fuhrman recommends for diabetics is vegetable-based with a high nutrient to calorie ratio. 

At risk people should eat lots of greens and beans, other non-starchy vegetables  (such as mushrooms, eggplant, tomatoes and onions), raw nuts and seeds, and limited fresh fruit with no sweeteners and avoid all white flour products.

This diet will allow anyone to lose excess weight, which was probably the cause of the diabetes in the first place. Doing this will avoid or diminish the need for medications. Dr. Furhman notes that such medications do not suggest a change in diet or lifestyle and ultimately lead to more weight gain. These medications do not prevent the condition from progressing or causing complications. The diet that Dr. Furhman recommends for type 2 diabetics is filled with micronutrients and phytochemicals that protect and help the body in recovery.

Need proof that this approach is successful? Take a look at a few people who have followed Dr. Furhman’s dietary recommendation and are no longer diabetic!

A few examples:

Charlotte lost half her body weight (133 lbs.) and reversed her diabetes

Calogero lost 100 lbs. in only seven months and reversed his diabetes

Richard was on insulin for 25 years, and was able to stop taking it after just a few weeks of my high-nutrient diet.

The most remarkable thing about these patients is that they aren’t in fact patients of Dr. Fuhrman at all. They have simply read his book, “Eat To Live” and then received further encouragement and information as members of

Never heard of Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat To Live"? Just click the link above to order it and learn more about adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet!

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By: Cristina DeOliveira


1. American Diabetes Association: Diabetes statistics []

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3. He J, Stram DO, Kolonel LN, et al: The association of diabetes with colorectal cancer risk: the Multiethnic Cohort. Br J Cancer 2010;103:120-126.

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Why Raw Food Lifestyle can save our lives?

Posted by Matthew Katz on Apr 30, 2010 5:43:00 PM

Many books are out there on this subject, but this is the most concise one I have read recently: The Raw Food Lifestyle - The Philosophy and Nutrition behind Raw and Live Foods by Ruthann Russo, Phd.

Dr. Russo discusses her beliefs, vital recipies, important people and websites that have tremendous resources for us all to maintain and create a strong health presence. She covers the importance of eating more alkaline vs. acidic foods in our diet to avoid disease. She mentions retreats and places to go for healing and rejuvenation. It's a very easy read and you will come up with many important resources like these below to access and share with family and friends:


Raw Foods Websites - meals delivered - cloths - raw foods café, webstore, cloting & supplies - resources - Chi machines and portable infrared hothouse saunas - teflex sheets - wheatgrass frozen overnight from Canada (organic) - blue-green algae, kelp - young, untreated Thai coconuts - 13 types of "raw" organic chocolates - tea tree dental floss, tamari... - cloths and supplies - bars, chocolate, seeds, granola - supplements - wide selection of books, recipes, detox programs, etc. - raw food retreat, fasting, training, treatment chronic conditions in Florida - cookies, granola and cereal - snacks, supplements - chocolate, supplements, snacks - gone nuts! seasoned nuts, chocolate covered nuts - nuts - teas, spices, herbs - chocolate, nuts - flaxseed crackers and humus - green living resources - vitamin D3 - fresh, organic herbs and spices - laundry and cleaning supplies, soap - teas, herbs, list of medical disorders with natural treatment suggestions - snacks - snacks - green juicers (industrial strength) - snacks (NYC restaurant) - Tulsi teas, Ayurvedic supplies - probiotics - crystal energy - Natalia Rose recommended baked goods - Victoria boutenko's site - Classes, consultation, training, videos, culinary institute. - info on raw food and nutrition - info and recipies - clothes, snacks, staples - ice cream, choc. cov. bananas, living vitamin B nano-plex, cleavers to open coconuts - Meals delivered weekly if by Sat. - hemp seeds - chickpea and adzuki bean miso - snacks - lemon squares are the best - David Wolfe's products - nuts, seeds, oils, spices - raw cacao and goji berry treats - sauerkraut crock -Vitamin O, Vitazym, far infrared ray products - raw vegan ice cream overnight from CA - Dr. Gabriel Cousens - raw chocolate - center for mindfulness at U. of Mass Med. School - asafetida (Hing) spice

A terrific resource tool and gift to your loved ones!



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