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Treatment of Autoimmunes - Dr. Andrew Weil's "Spontaneous Healing"

Posted by Matthew Katz on Mar 6, 2013 4:29:00 PM

While the world we live in is experiencing a massive health crisis with hospitals and nursing homes more full than ever and traditional doctors "treating symtoms vs. root causes" Dr. Andrew Weil, of Harvard Medical School and leading Integrative Medicine authority, empowers us all to look beyond the current healing modalities and say, what if my doctor and I were partners and we let our bodies heal naturally?

On page 277 of this great resource "Spontaneous Healing - How to Discover and Enhance your Body's Natural Abiity to Maintain and Heal Itself," he talks about a utopian healing environment he strives to create:

"Imagine a future world in which medicine is oriented toward healing rather than disease, where doctors believe in the natural healing capacity of human beings and emphasize prevention above treatment? Except for urgent care facilities, hospitals in such a world might resemble spas, where patients could learn to eat and prepare healthy foods, learn to take care of the physical needs of their bodies, learn to use their minds in the service of healing, and become less, rather than more dependent on health professionals."

At's clinic and spa at the basin of the Dead Sea in Israel, this is the program you will experience. The future which Dr. Weil describes is not quite here in Western hospitals and traditional doctor offices. However, there are many alternative healing programs and modalities around the world.

My name is Dr. Jennifer Botwick and am associated with as a consultant, helping patients with an array of conditions. Many of them can be treated with natural medicine and nutritional support. After watching this video above you will hear my experience of's approach to healing autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, arthritis and type-2 diabetes.


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