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President & Michelle Obama, help save us billion$ on healthcare!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Jan 27, 2012 6:50:00 PM

Dear Barack and Michelle, We Want You To Win! Help Us Help You!

barack obama michelle obama GCOur family voted for you in 2008 with the idea of "Change" and "Hope!" We'll continue to support you but, we need you now to listen to us.

I represent 7.5 million Americans who suffer from chronic psoriasis. My daughter has juvenile diabetes and the numbers of people of all ages with Diabetes, crippling Arthrits and acute Psoriasis in the U.S. tops 40 million and growing!

We could save this country  billion$ a year in unnecessary drugs and research dollars each year if you listen and act upon it.

Data shows (please read T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus at Cornell University’s “The China Study”) that many autoimmune conditions can be reversed and prevented if we eat mostly vegetables and fruit (further, he states that “vegan” – eating a milk-free diet would be the best). He, along with Georgetown University’s Dr. Neal Barnard in his book on“Reversing Diabetes” (another vital read) have come to the same conclusion.

Psoriasis and diabetes are co-morbid, in that, once you have psoriasis (which is not usually life-threatening but very uncomfortable and disfiguring), you are two-three times more likely to develop diabetes later in life according to the National Psoriasis Foundation’s magazine “Psoriasis Advance” summer 2009. And, once you have either of these conditions, it is possible to later experience; chronic obesity, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, blindness and amputations.

The cost of doing nothing about this is staggering. Current drugs have terrible side-effects. Over 40 years of detailed and systematic research simply shows that "we are what we eat!"

Both Dr. Campbell, Dr. Barnard and our doctor, Joel Fuhrman, M.D. along with Dr. David Katz (both on our website) have studies that show the “vegan” diet to be the best and how cultures around the world live much healthier, without western diseases such as cancers of all kinds, diabetes and heart attacks. Lifespans there are much longer when people eat mostly vegan. And that includes very little meat products as well. See the 50 Healthiest & Longest Living People in the world and what they eat on our blog!

What can we do today? School lunch programs must change to healthy vegan choices. We can educate young people to eat, exercise and grow up teaching the next generation what is healthy. Dr. Antonia Demas (see her video below picture of Michelle Obama), a fellow at Johns Hopkins lives near Cornell University and studied with T. Colin Campbell. She has her own Food Institute (at and for 20 years has led programs to teach school systems in Baltimore and Vermont how to change their food plans. She’s written grants to educate children to cook in school and then help make smart-choice meals with their parents at home. Here is the beginning of change in terms of PREVENTION.

Change is the platform on which you were elected! This is a major one, but it’s needed in order to prevent a legacy of chronic illnesses. 

Meanwhile, we must help reverse, when possible the debilitating conditions of people with diabetes and psoriasis and other related autoimmune conditions. According to many years of medical research by all of these trained physicians, patients who are willing to radically change their diet to vegetarian/vegan foods and all new exercises have a chance to reverse their illness and improve their chances for a better quality of life.

As our president and first lady, help us to begin this education process.

Please contact us to create a panel discussion at the White House with these health and medical professionals listed and others in the health field. Let’s end the spending and start the healing process in America. The money spent on research, drugs and junk food can go to giving us our health back.

Matthew A. Katz, Founder

HealthRightUSA, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing relief from chronic psoriasis and diabetes (type 2) by training patients to Eat Right” – “Exercise Properly” and “Reduce Stress. Participants can relax and detoxify at the Dead Sea in Israel returning home feeling renewed with a new lease on life. COMMENT BELOW, FORWARD  THIS, SUPPORT OUR CAUSE!

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