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50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People - by Sally Beare

Posted by Matthew Katz on Nov 13, 2013 11:47:00 PM

childhood obesity

What are we feeding our children?

In this book review about 50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People, I  outline some of the most common traits of cultures that live long. Sally Beare writes about Okinawa, Japan; Symi, Greece, Campodimele, Italy, Hunza, Pakistan and Bama in China. What each culture has done is to exercise and eat very healthy fresh foods. NO PROCESSED ANYTHING! The key thing she states, is that they avoid the SAD diet, which stands for the "Standard American Diet" which consists primarily of red and white meats, dairy, processed sugars, salt and refined carbohydrates. And, one of the nation's and now worlds greatest "malnutritional" vendors is MacD's above. Go to our page on Diet and Nutrition for a book with more information on what to avoid.

Here are her 50 secrets, but to get the complete story it's a must read and can be found by following this link on - 50 Sally Beare

  1. Eat until you are only eight parts full
  2. Consume five to seven servings of fresh fruit and vegis per day
  3. Choose buckwheat, brown rice, and other whole grains
  4. Eat sprouted wheat bread
  5. Eat meat as a treat
  6. Prepare your meat right? yes a very important point to read!
  7. Choose organic goat's and sheep's cheese
  8. Be full of beans
  9. Have a good egg
  10. Find good fats in fish
  11. Have a handful of nuts and seeds daily
  12. Choose the wonder oil - Extra-Virgin Olive Oil!
  13. Beware of fats in disguise
  14. Use Garlic and Onions - nature's healers
  15. Discover the power of crunch vegis
  16. Keep aging away with a salad a day
  17. Give thanks for sweet potatoes
  18. Enjoy pizza...guilt free (occasionally, in moderation whole wheat best!)
  19. Snack on Apricots

and 31 other great ideas!

vegetables are healthyThis is a fascinating book to read and gives credance to how important it is to focus on fruits, vegis and lower our use of meat, milk and anything not produced organically. Meanwhiile, each of these ancient people are outdoors a lot getting plenty of sunshine, fresh mountain water and air, while they climb up and down hills and mountains doing daily chores.

This requires a complete return to the past...indeed! Our SAD food culture is killing us with diseases that none of these people suffer from.

What can we do? If you'd like to become more educated read below or seek out our nutritional consultant Dr. Jenn.

You have a right to be Healthy in the USA! -

Get Educated on Nutrition!

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17 FREE and Easy Ways To Exercise and Be Active!

Posted by Alyssa Francis on Dec 4, 2011 4:18:00 AM


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Food is not the only thing that plays a role in making a person healthy. It is imperative that we release our energy and work our bodies through physical activity. It is very important to have an active lifestyle for overall health. Eating well without physical activity can still compromise a person’s health negatively.

People are often intimidated by the gym or simply don’t have the motivation to go. We don’t even have to mention the crazy membership fees too! Well guess what? There are easy ways to be active without going to the gym! There are even FREE ways to be physically active in your life. Physical exercise is good for heart health and good for building bone density. Being active also allows a person to become stronger, through muscle development and bone strength.  Wouldn't you like to be strong and healthy?

Try doing some of these activities to add exercise to your day:

-       Park further away from the store, giving you a chance to have a nice walk

-       Use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators.

-       Take walks around your neighborhood, at the park or walk your dog

-       Take a bike ride

-       You can even take a trip to the mall. Who said window-shopping isn’t exercise?

-       Take breaks at work to stretch and move around

-       Take advantage of the seasons! Shovel snow, rake leaves or go swimming.

-       There are low cost ways to go cross-country skiing or snowboarding too!

Trying to exercise at home?

-       Do some jumping jacks or jump roping

-       Push ups and sit ups

-       Do some light lifting. Find something around the house (not too heavy)

-       Lunges, squats or wall-sits (while watching TV or even brushing your teeth!)

-       You could even use stairs if you want to work your leg muscles!

-       Dance! Turn up the volume and let loose!

-       Cleaning house? Set a timer and clean as much as you can before the time is up!

-       Find a work-out TV channel to follow in your living room!

-       If you’re willing to spend some money, you could buy an exercise DVD too

img how to exercise at home resized 600

These are all great, easy ways to incorporate physical activity within your day. Some of them are awesome ways to release your energy too! Working out is sometimes easier for people to do with another person, so encourage friends and family to jump up and do these activities with you!

By: Cristina DeOliveira

Learn more about the 7 benefits of exercising by reading this short article. Just click here

For ideas about Prevention click here and to learn about our Revitalizing Dead Sea Spa clinic for reversing psoriasis, arthritis, type-2 diabetes, weight-loss and feeling great click here!

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