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Posted by Matthew Katz on May 30, 2012 4:31:00 AM

What is the difference between the symptom and the cause? How can we view serious autoimmune conditions like Arthritis and Psoriasis in a different light? Could they have something in common? Can they be treated in the same way?

I encourage you to visit and see how this prestigious National Psoriasis Foundation views this acute condition. They fight for a cure which is research based: chemical, biologic and invasive. They admit that the cause is somewhat illusive, but it may connect to stress. But what kinds of stresses are there? Does emotional, psychological and spiritual stress lead to biologic, systemic and organ disfunction?

In the blogs to follow we take a close look at all of the natural treatments we have found and how we can live a long and productive life without chemical/drug introventions.

Topics: biologics, enbril, methotrecate,, national psoriasis foundation

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