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Rheumatoid Arthritis is a serious condition that can be reversed!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Jan 7, 2014 10:49:00 AM

describe the imageMany children suffer from life-endagering and chronic autoimmune conditions like Arthritis, Psoriasis and Asthma. How many parents educate themselves and have the presence of mind to reverse these serious situations before body damage takes place?

Here is such an amazing story about a girl named Hadassah as seen on her bicycle.

"My name is Rina Shoshana and I want to share a great “healing” adventure of life with you!  My husband, Shlomo, and I have been enjoying the search for health in body, mind, and soul for over 22 years…

Our story – A true HEALING from crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the summer of 2000, when our active toddler, Hadassah, was less than two, we noticed that she was getting very “stiff”.  I started looking for possible reasons for this, as she seemed arthritic.  Our pediatrician did blood tests and, sadly, the results indicated rheumatoid arthritis.  He referred us to a specialist  at the Childrens’ Hospital in our hometown of Kansas City.  It took two months to see the rheumatologist, and over the course of those two months her condition and pain continued to progress and worsen.

Finally, we found ourselves sitting with our sweet, little daughter in the doctor’s office at the hospital and hearing the unfortunate diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. It happened to be a form of rheumatoid arthritis which effects every joint in the body.  The doctor told us that she would be on medication the rest of her life.  Most of western medicine believes this to be an “incurable” condition.  Many children diagnosed with this condition end up crippled and in wheel chairs.

My husband and I decided, right then and there, that this in no way would be a lifetime condition, and that our daughter could become 100% healthy again.  This was the most important thing we did…was to CHOOSE health…and then move forward with FAITH, determination, and positive expectation!

The doctors advised starting her immediately on very powerful drugs for which we declined.  From our years of interest in health and healing, we had learned that pharmaceutical drugs merely aim to alleviate symptoms.  And what we were interested in was true healing from within…not superficial removal of inflammation and surface aches and pains.

We went to work in earnest, in the most wholistic way possible, to help our daughter begin healing.  We believe that when one opens oneself up and is willing, G-d or Divine Providence will show the way.  I began making specific herbal baths that our daughter would soak in from the neck down…I stood in the shower, holding her, using the power of hydrotherapy with hot and cold showers…I wrapped her joints in castor oil fomentations at night…I made sure I was getting super nutrition with fresh vegetable juice (nature’s super foods) as I continued breastfeeding her.

With sincere and simple FAITH, we also sent out a letter to over 200 friends and family with her picture, explaining her painful situation and asking them to “visualize” her dancing and running and playing in perfect health!  We also asked them to pray for her and to say the healing prayer of Psalm 20 on her behalf.  After 3 months we returned to the Childrens’ Hospital for another check-up and did not receive a positive report.  They advised us to put splints on her arms/wrists to keep her joints from fusing together.  At this point, our daughter could not often stand-up on certain days, bend her wrists, nor move her neck freely from side-to-side. Indeed her every joint was swollen!

Amidst her pain, her incredible spirit somehow shown through with her wish to dance and smile.  We decided, at that point, to help her get over the hump by giving her the medication they were advising…KNOWING that it was a temporary adjunct to her healing process.

Keeping our faith-in-action program, we also decided upon a "Tzedaka" (translated as charity but more about our obligation as people to sincerely help others) project to take on in her merit, raising $10,000 for needed repairs for the ritual “mikveh” purity bath at our Chabad House Synagogue.  As a Jewish woman, I learned from our Sages that a married woman who covers her hair properly will merit many blessings for her children.  Clearly, I was willing to do anything for the sake of our daughter, and thus decided to cover my hair more carefully on her behalf.

This is what we believe “wholistic” healing to be: That we live in a body, we have an intellect, and we are spiritual beings…and that to become truly healthy, we must address ALL of ourselves.

We decided to move to Chicago for the sake of our children’s education and began seeing another rheumatologist.  Within a few months, her new doctor was weaning her off the medication.  Miraculously, our daughter was saying goodbye to "all traces of her illness."

With gratitude to the Creator, our daughter has continued to remain healed.  Her “life-long” sentence of an “incurable” condition was rather a short, albeit challenging,  year and a half of her life.  When she turned 4, we gave her a bike and rollerblades for her birthday!  She continues, at age 14, to be a happy, intelligient, healthy, active, and very flexible teenager who is most grateful that her parents chose to believe that she could be 100% well!

In conclusion, we are blessed with a rich and dynamic spiritual life, which three years ago brought our entire family of six to the ancient Judean hills of Israel.  Just across the magnificent desert from our home lies the Dead Sea, known for many healing mineral water and sun treatments for Psoriasis, Arthritis, Asthma and dozens of other ailments which nutrition can support, even if you cannot travel to Israel at this time. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE IF YOU BACK IT WITH FAITH-IN-ACTION as we have!

People arrive by the hundreds each month, from all over the world, to experience the healing riches of nature in this unique and special oasis.  I have recently joined the staff of HealthRightUSA and HealthrightISRAEL to be part of the first and ONLY HOLISTIC  DETOX  AND  HEALING  CENTER  AT  THE  DEAD  SEA.  (click here for more information about our special 21-day group programs).

You, too, can make a choice to heal naturally and have abundant health.  It’s the greatest power we have:  the power to choose.  You make the choice, and G-d or Spirit will guide your steps if you are open, willing, and dedicated to a path of wholeness and healing in mind, body, and soul.

Rina Shoshana"


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"I have a Dream" - of my life without psoriasis...finally!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Mar 15, 2013 2:56:00 PM

dr martin luther king i have a dream speech4[1] resized 600

When Dr. Martin Luther King delivered this speech which rocked the nation, this vision of a future when the "color of one's skin" would not be the reason to judge the "character" of an individual...he was looking ahead profetically to a future time of Love, Understanding, Peace and Tolerance!

Some 50 years later, much has happened in the world of Civil Rights and typical negative treatments towards non-white people, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, etc. We still have a long way to go before everyone is treated equally from birth to grave, however.

In light of this thinking, I am a psoriasis patient who has had inflamed, "red," scaly skin covering over 80% of my body for more than 30 years of my life. I don't remember a time in all of these years when I could safely go to the beach in the summer months and wear a bathing suit without some little boy saying to his mother, "mommy, what's wrong with that man's skin!" Yet, the more I have "Loved myself," cared about changing my habits, the better I am at controling this ailment.

The stigma of living with a visibly "ugly" skin disease like Psoriasis is very hard to bear emotionally!

It can also lead to depression and other co-morbid illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke plus arthritis and diabetes; according to the National Psoriasis Foundation and it's team of medical doctors.

I have a dream, that one day...

I will go to any beach on the planet, rest on a blanket in the sand, enjoy the sun and sea without worry of someone starring at my psoriasis lesions!

Over 125 million people around the world suffer from this condition. That is approximately one in every 56 people on our planet of nearly 7 billion adults and children. This means that someone you know has this condition to whom it seems incurable, hopeless, lifelong!

The nagging question remains...can we get rid of psoriasis? And what about other autoimmune conditions that involve inflation of joints and muscles like arthritis? Can diet, exercise, and environment play an active role in reversal and cure? What about emotions? Can our attitude affect our stress levels and improve our skin? There are so many factors that contribute to this difficult condition...

See this study by Dr. Marco Harari, chief dermatologist of the DMZ clinic at the Dead Sea in Israel where he treats people with acute psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes type-2, cystic fybrosis, asthma and many other conditions. 

Click me

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Her Success Story...Victoria Ann Diaz - Nutritional Health Coach extraordinare!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Sep 7, 2012 2:28:00 AM

Victoria Ann’s Healing Story
2006 Victoria Ann   Before

I received my Bachelor degree in Biology from Western Connecticut State University.  After which time I worked for over 20 years in a variety of prestigious research pharmaceutical companies as scientist, author, keynote speaker, trainer, and auditor.  Having placed my busy career above all else, I found this lifestyle was sending me on a physical and emotional downhill spiral. My career in New York had flourished but at the expense of my health; I was stressed, fatigued, and overweight. 

Before Picture 2005

And then, in 2001, my dream to move my professional career to California was achieved.   I accepted a directorship to head up my own FDA Regulation & Documentation department. Optimistic that this move would solve my health issues I packed my bags, donated my winter clothes to Goodwill, and anticipated a winterless year.  But as fate would have it, the day before I was to give my two weeks notice, I was involved in a head-on collision.  At the time, I had no idea how this accident would change my life forever.  Two years later, after undergoing four surgeries, I was forced to move back to Connecticut for family support.  During that time my health declined rapidly.  I was suffering from chronic pain, stress, sleep deprivation, medications, obesity, depression, brain fog, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure; I seemed to have hit rock bottom.

One day, my sister expressed worry about the grey look of my skin and said that she hardly recognized me!  This scared me so much that I decided to seek out alternative healing practices similar to those I had begun years earlier in New York.  My journey back to health began by seeking knowledge about as many alternative treatments as possible.  I started going to wellness workshops, holistic seminars, and soaking up all the books I could get my hands on at Barnes & Noble.  Fate eventually lead me to a social network group in Connecticut called the Naugatuck Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance.  It was there that I miraculously received a full scholarship from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) from one of their alumni.  It was with this influence that I was able to turn my health around by eliminating artificial and refined foods, drinking purified water, juicing vegetables, and incorporating many other food and lifestyle alterations.

My personal healing journey and passion for helping others to develop a healthy more energetic lifestyle led me to the holistic health and life coaching field.  describe the imageToday, (seven years after my accident) I am a “certified holistic health counselor” also certified with The American Association of Drugless Practioners.  I specialize in helping highly stressed and fatigued people find more energy, balance, and happiness which I now enjoy.  In this practice,  I create personalized programs which are flexible and fun food with lifestyle choices that fit each individual best.  I offer workshops and one-on-one health and nutrition coaching to individuals, families, groups, and corporations.  Although the changes I made took time and effort, I have succeeded in obtaining a more peaceful mind, body, and spirit.  As my journey continues to move toward higher levels of well-being, I enjoy inspiring others to begin their own journeys back to health and wellness too.

Here I am in 2007 excited to work with you!

For more information, contact me at my website here or click here to tell us your own story of healing!

Victoria Ann Diaz

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Arthritis a natural approach to treatment - by our Dr. Jenn!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Aug 31, 2012 2:00:00 AM

describe the image

Arthritis has been recently labeled the “Nation’s Primary Crippler,” and it among other inflammation responses (Diabetes, High cholesterol, obesity etc) are spreading at a mind-boggling rate. Why are the numbers increasing? Are the standard treatments effective? Is there an alternative path to healing? To answer these questions I will first explain the condition and then possible treatments.

Arthritis is defined primarily as an inflammation of the joints. Symptoms may include joint pain, stiffness, fatigue, swelling, redness and enlarged bones in the fingers. 800px Heberden ArthroseThe most common type of Arthritis is osteoarthritis, which is usually caused by poor nutrition and aging. This type of arthritis often causes knee, back, hand, wrist, shoulder and hip pain. At its worst it can even lead to surgical replacements. The sad reality is that most people over 60 in this country have some symptoms of osteoarthritis.

69x75 6 ways to ruin your knees features

In fact, according to statistics, arthritis sufferers spend more than $1 billion annually on drug treatments, one million new cases are diagnosed every year and the number is growing. What is causing this growth is primarily a reaction of “arachidonic acid” in the body. This acid, the chemical component of foods, is the cause of the inflammation. Arachidonic acid mostly comes from animal products, but can be found in other processed foods as well.

The medical profession generally offers drugs and surgery without considering the causes of the condition. The worst part of the situation is that often the medications provided are actually considerably toxic and in extreme cases can cause serious harm.

Fortunately, there are safe treatments. If you are only willing to depart from accepted medical norms and take a natural approach, you may not only to improve this condition, but greatly improve your total general health. By consulting with a naturopath, they can create and follow a simple, logical and holistic approach, mostly hinged on dietary modification and nutritional supplements. With dedication of effort in most successful cases, they may realize a vast improvement and even reversal of their symptoms.

Realistically, not every patient completely recovers because each case is unique. Obviously, less extreme cases, those people who catch the condition earlier in its progression are more easily reversed. However, with a strong commitment to healing, when a person follows a recommended naturopathic diet/lifestyle changes, at the very least a vast majority will no longer have to use medications.

To better understand why the naturopathic approach works so well let’s take a look at what is really happening in the body when we diagnose “Arthritis.” Our supply of blood can be easily impaired by factors such as smoking, a diet heavy in “arachidonic acid,” saturated fats and a system deficient in micronutrients.  The poor circulation that results carries oxygen and other nutrients to the joints. Reduced oxygenation of the joints consequently interferes with the normal repair and bone remodeling that is constantly taking place in our bodies.

Now that we understand that the cause of arthritis is primarily due to a build up of acid in the blood vessels, the appropriate treatment becomes clear. The answer is primarily a “low acid” diet. Adjustments to diet such as lowering one’s amounts of  “acidic” animal protein and raising the quantity of “low acid” (known as alkaline) nutrient rich vegetable protein supports the body tremendously and may actually reverse the very cause of the condition and all its symptoms.

High-doses of fish oil have also been proven effective as “anti-inflammitory” in treating arthritis. Various other nutritional supplements, depending on the patient, as well as the occasional fast are yet other venues to promote healing in the body.

Just remember one important piece of information: from a naturopathic perspective, if you create the appropriate “wellness” circumstances, the body is capable of healing itself. However, every person, and therefore every case is unique and requires its own specific treatments.

I am happy to speak with anyone individually first by email to answer personal questions. If you’d like further assistance I am available for private counseling as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Health & Happiness,

Dr. Jennifer Botwick

Learn about nutrition!

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Two Men Meet at Dead Sea seeking a cure for Psoriasis!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Mar 28, 2012 3:11:00 AM



Sean Gallagher from Ireland and Matthew Katz from New Haven, CT landed in Tel Aviv early this past August on a sweltering 110 degree day. Both were bound to the Lot Hotel spa and clinic on the Dead Sea.Neither man knew the other nor what was about to happen in the next 21 days. Each experienced nearly 100% remission.
Each man had left home with an extreme case of psoriasis which they had lived with for more than 2 decades and within 21-days they were clear of most lesions!

As remarkable as this may sound, it’s common place at the Dead Sea clinic where Dr. Harari and his team has been working to help cure patients for over 15 years. It is a popularly accepted cure in Israel and in some European countries where healthcare pays for nearly 100% of this full-month stay at the hotel and spa/clinic. Both Mr. Katz and Mr. Gallagher had to pay full price since there is no coverage for this treatment in the U.S. and Ireland.

Returning to their homelands,  theyhave remained close friends and each are encouraging everyone they meet who has either psoriasis,  arthritis and other autoimmune conditions to make the journey to the Dead Sea clinic.

Mr. Katz is even returning with a group this summer. For information about his treatment plan before and after for more information about this program, click here.

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Oprah Winfrey, please help us fight diabetes 2, arthritis and psoriais!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Feb 16, 2012 4:14:00 AM

May 16, 2011

Dear Oprah Winfrey,

OpraLogo,png resized 600I have admired you for decades since “Color Purple” and your early obvious star talent. I know you to be a compassionate and giving philanthropist. Please read our blog  and website about diabetes 2, arthritis and psoriasis which affect the quality of lives of over 500 million children and adults in the world.

I’m appealing to every influential celebrity and politician in the United States to help us end these conditions NOW, not in 5 or 10 years. Diet, as you know is critical to our health. Dr. Oz has talked about this on your show and our medical doctor, Joel Fuhrman, M.D. has been on Dr. Oz's show several time talking about his "Eat to Live" life changing diet. See what he has done for psoriasis skin diseased patients by clicking above!

Clearly it is now proven that a strict “vegan” program for a period of  months, perhaps longer in severe cases, can reverse many of the conditions surrounding chronic psoriasis, arthritis and diabetes.

Obesity can of course lead to high blood pressure and cause heart disease and stroke in patients with diabetes.  Little known, however, is that psoriasis patients are three times more likely to get any of these conditions later in life.

You can help us spread the word! Please contact me about our program. We are planning on taking hundreds of patients to Israel’s Dead Sea for a 21- day spa where they can both detoxify and learn Joel Fuhrman, M. D.'s program to enable them to develop new habits to remain healthy and extend their lives.

Our non-profit needs $30 million to create a lifetime endowment to continually send patients there every month as well as educate them. We will need to create pressure so that McDonalds and other fast food companies also contribute money and healthy “nutritious” foods to school programs to re-educate children. is a nonprofit dedicated to both the reversal of these horrible conditions in adults and children plus the future prevention of the rise of chronic illnesses in our country.

Won’t you be the first to give and help us spread the word?

Please study our story…it’s a compelling one of healing naturally in a world full of drugs and too much research that never gets to the cause of illness. Go to our website at and be sure to read Eat to Live!

I believe in you Oprah! Help us end these diseases in our lifetime. GIVE GENEROUSLY!

Matthew Katz, Founder of HealthRightUSA, Inc. or 203-508-2423 in Connecticut.

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