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Support and Education with our Naturopathic Physician

Three(3) Easy Steps to begin the process:

1) FREE "SKYPE" Consultation, by clicking the button below. When you contact our Naturopath you will learn more about treating Psoriasis or Arthritis. Results may vary depending on severity plus how well patients follow suggested protocols.

FREE 15 minute SKYPE Decide if you want to work  Using our Nutrition System

2) For ONLY $29.95 we offer a 10-day diet program supervised by our nutritionist and it comes with a special "natural" cream system for your psoriasis. Use it locally on the most difficult area of one part of your skin. In 10-days we will email you to see if it is helping and if the diet is possible to continue. You must be able to sustain this program for at least the entire 90-days to continue part-3 below. CLICK HERE! for more on how to begin this part.

3) 90-day Comprehensive Lifestyle Program  $1,500 USD ($1775 Regular Price)
If you want to release excess weight, lower cholesterol, clear your skin, improve joints and muscles or if you are challenged with a chronic health problem, you may need more in-depth counseling with more ongoing reinforcement and support. REGISTER HERE!

This program includes:

  • 90-minute (by Skype only) consultation with our naturopath
  • Your personalized eating plan
  • Goal Setting - reinforced by email 12-times- once a week!
  • Four 30-minute Skype follow-up's, first 4 weeks
  • Eight 20-minute Skype follow-up's in remaining 8 weeks