You Can Clear Your Skin 90 days...

What we Eat Makes a Difference. Good nutrition is proven to have positive results for many people with Psoriasis.


Programs options:
Get  diet and work with our Naturopath for 10 weeks at $49 per week. Pay as you go!  

This doctor-monitored individualized program includes:
  • 30-minute (by Skype only) consultation with our naturopath
  • Your personalized eating plan
  • Goal Setting - reinforced by email each-week
  • You may extend the program to meet your needs


OR, order NOW - just $29.95  -  Recommended 10-day diet, is sent to you when you order. Eliana, our dietitian, will email you to schedule a Skype session. We recommend working with Dr. Moskowitz, our naturopath to customize the diet to meet your unique needs.

** Results may vary depending on the severity and years with this condition, you may consult your practitioner.