Clear Your Skin, Relieve pain in 90 days...

What we Eat Makes a Big Difference...Nutrition is proven to have positive results. Most people with Psoriasis and Arthritis don't know what foods to eliminate.

Contact our nutritionist today to find out what diet would be best for your body. Results may vary.
Programs options:
Order NOW - ONLY $19.95  -  Recommended 10-day diet program, It is automatically sent to you when you register and Eliana will email you to schedule your Skype session in the first 10-days of this trial diet.

ONLY $495.49 with any credit card, PayPal or with 6-months free financing - Eliana will coach you after the diet if this plan works for you.
This doctor-monitored individualized program includes:
  • 90-minute (by Skype only) consultation with our naturopath
  • Your personalized eating plan
  • Goal Setting - reinforced by email once-a-week!
  • Four 20-minute Skype follow-up's, first 4-weeks. You may repeat this program several months.