Our vision is that millions of people around the world learn how to heal naturally at the Dead Sea and together share our results with the international medical community


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Ronni Rabin, Matthew Katz

Matthew visited the Dead Sea as a patient in 2007 and experienced a complete recovery from psoriasis that covered 80% of his body for over 25 years. This amazing clearing was short lived since the lesions returned. After 2007, he extensively researched nutritional ways to continue to heal himself without the aid of the Dead Sea. He has found nutritional programs which have been shown to aid in people's healing. By putting both the Dead Sea and diet together we are offering a combined treatment and long-term remission system. Read this letter of support by Dr. Marco Harari, chief clinician at the DMZ clinic at the Dead Sea, agrees in the strength of this approach.

Ronni Rabin, co-founder and President of marketing and advertising has over 30 years of global sales experience and guides the image and direction of media and the message.


"Our vision is that millions of people around the world learn how to nutritionally treat Arthritis, Psoriasis and weight-loss. This can be done in your homes or more agressively by first joining our Dead Sea programs!

Eliana Cohen, nutritionist

Eliana Cohen, Our Registered/Certfied Dietitian Nutritionist

Eliana Cohen, our registered and certified dietitian and nutritionist, also has a certification as a personal trainer. Her education includes; an internship in New York at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System clinic in diet/nutrition; high honors B.S./B.A  graduation at The Dietetics Honor Society from Queens College of the City University in 2010; Eliana managed a dual major in nutrition and exercise science / dietetics.

Ms. Cohen has developed skills and expertise in; nutrition education on carbohydrate consistency, heart-healthy weight loss, weight management, healthy eating out options, nutritional assessments , care plans, and food preferences . She carefully organized cooking demonstrations and nutrition education classes and has prepared a website for the Ministry of Health on health promotion and obesity reduction.

"I am excited to be a participant in this educational and service oriented organization. We are connecting with people all over the world who want to achieve maximum health and lead productive lives. I am glad to be a guide to them with the support of this team and our lead physician Dr. Avraham Moskowitz!"

Eliana is a native Hebrew and English speaker; with conversational Spanish.

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Alexandra Rosen, Our Master Blogger

Alexandra Rosen, with a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing & World Literature at the University of Vermont in Burlington is our major blogger. Currently she is takiing her Master's degree in creative writing/poetry at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv.

Currently, she is living in Jerusalem with her husband, and while taking her masters degree, she has teamed-up with HealthrightUSA.org to post relevent and creative content by bringing online exciting new stories about nutrition.

Alexandra says that "working for HealthrightUSA is a fulfilling and dynamic experience and I enjoy constantly learning new information about health and connecting to fascinating people globally."

Read the Background of Our Resident Naturopathic Physician below:

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Dr. Avraham Moskowitz

"HealthRightUSA teaches Psoriasis patients to "un-learn" old habits which keep them from reclaiming complete health."

Dr. Avraham Moskowitz graduated Rutgers Preparatory School, American University in Washington, DC, Santa Fe School of Massage under the tutelage of J.V. Scherer, and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine which was in Seattle, Washington.  He has trained with the Psychodrama Institute of New Haven, Connecticut.

He is the founder and previous director of the Seattle Massage School, founder and director of Chrysalis Energy Center in Seattle, and founder of Achlama Center for Healing in Jerusalem. 

Dr. Moskowitz has practiced Naturopathic Medicine for over 25 years, and was professor and clinical director at the John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle.  He presently practices in Jerusalem, educates patients on prevention and care of their disease processes through Naturopathic Medicine.

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