Our vision is to guide and coach Psoriasis sufferers worldwide who are motivated to improve their skin condition.


Certfied Dietitian Nutritionist


Eliana Cohen, a certified dietitian and nutritionist, guides Psoriasis patients utilizing a 10-day diet. She has expertise in; heart-healthy weight-loss and maintenance with healthy eating-out options and nutritional assessments.

Previous work includes North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System's clinic in diet/nutrition; a B.S./B.A from The Dietetics Honor Society, Queens College, New York; Eliana was a dual major in nutrition and exercise science and is currently finishing her Master's Degree at Haifa University.

"I am excited to partner with HealthRightISRAEL.com and HealthRightUSA.org. We are connecting with people all over the world who want to achieve maximum health to lead more productive lives. I am glad to guide them with the support of our lead physician Dr. Avraham Moskowitz!"

Master Blogger

Alexandra Rosen, a Master's degree candidate at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv in creative writing and poetry, earned her B.A. in English at the University of Vermont.

Her job is to research and write about auto-immune conditions, wellness and nutrition.

"Working for HealthrightUSA is a fulfilling and dynamic experience. I enjoy constantly learning about health and connecting with fascinating people globally."