Dr. Marco Harari | Naturally Treating Psoriasis, Diabetes and Autoimmune Conditions at the Dead Sea.

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HealthRightUSA, Inc. is dedicated to prevention, "general" wellness and reversal of Psoriasis and Arthritis!

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Treating Psoriasis Naturally - Dead Sea, sun, natural minerals & diet




Please Watch Video and Share it with Everyone Suffering with the "Heartbreak" and Embarassing Shame of Psoriasis:

Below are "before & after" images of Matthew A. Katz, Founder of HealthRightUSA, revealing his healing process with a combination of Dead Sea/sun and the Tri-Mineral System Treatment called T.M.S.T. Along with special fish oils, Jerusalem minerals, herbs and a healthy menu of natural fruits, salads, fish and whole grains, this is the result in less than 21-days. Results may vary depending on severity of patient's skin and how well they follow our doctor's protocol.

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In 2007 began HealthRightUSA.org as a nonprofit. With his increased awareness of nutrition for Psoriasis he found this breakthrough T.M.S.T. "internal" clearing product. Dr. Marco Harari, Director of the DMZ Psoriasis clinic in Ein Bokek Israel who has worked with patients with this serious condition for more than 25 years, believes that a skin clearing remission with T.M.S.T. can be much longer, even without the Dead Sea. Combined with a 21-day stay at this lowest spot on the planet, pateints may find long-term relief...perhaps years. But they have to follow the entire diet, vitamin protocol and stay with the program as a lifestyle change, not a fad diet.

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Just 21-days apart...These were the results. Try the program on your own, from home. See this video for how it works without the Dead Sea treatment!

This was part of a Psoriasis Camp which took place at the Dead Sea in the summer of 2013. Dr. Marco Harari, Director of the DMZ clinic at the Lot Hotel was the supervising physician.

"I have a Dream" - of my life without psoriasis...finally!


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When Dr. Martin Luther King delivered this speech which rocked the nation, this vision of a future when the "color of one's skin" would not be the reason to judge the "character" of an individual...he was looking ahead profetically to a future time of Love, Understanding, Peace and Tolerance!

Some 50 years later, much has happened in the world of Civil Rights and typical negative treatments towards non-white people, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, etc. We still have a long way to go before everyone is treated equally from birth to grave, however.

In light of this thinking, I am a psoriasis patient who has had inflamed, "red," scaly skin covering over 80% of my body for more than 30 years of my life. I don't remember a time in all of these years when I could safely go to the beach in the summer months and wear a bathing suit without some little boy saying to his mother, "mommy, what's wrong with that man's skin!" Yet, the more I have "Loved myself," cared about changing my habits, the better I am at controling this ailment.

The stigma of living with a visibly "ugly" skin disease like Psoriasis is very hard to bear emotionally!

It can also lead to depression and other co-morbid illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke plus arthritis and diabetes; according to the National Psoriasis Foundation and it's team of medical doctors.

I have a dream, that one day...

I will go to any beach on the planet, rest on a blanket in the sand, enjoy the sun and sea without worry of someone starring at my psoriasis lesions!

Over 125 million people around the world suffer from this condition. That is approximately one in every 56 people on our planet of nearly 7 billion adults and children. This means that someone you know has this condition to whom it seems incurable, hopeless, lifelong!

The nagging question remains...can we get rid of psoriasis? And what about other autoimmune conditions that involve inflation of joints and muscles like arthritis? Can diet, exercise, and environment play an active role in reversal and cure? What about emotions? Can our attitude affect our stress levels and improve our skin? There are so many factors that contribute to this difficult condition...

See this study by Dr. Marco Harari, chief dermatologist of the DMZ clinic at the Dead Sea in Israel where he treats people with acute psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes type-2, cystic fybrosis, asthma and many other conditions. 

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