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Psoriasis Diet helped famous CNN anchor reverse her Psoriasis!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Aug 26, 2014 4:25:38 PM

By Zain Verjee,CNN
January 3, 2014 -- Updated 2217 GMT (0617 HKT)
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CNN anchor with psoriasis has a message of hope for all who suffer!

  • CNNI anchor Zain Verjee climbed the ladder of the news world despite a secret
  • The sometimes debilitating skin condition of psoriasis plagued her physically and mentally
  • Verjee tried many treatments but found the answer for her lay within

Editor's note: Zain Verjee began her career at CNN in 2000 as an anchor in Atlanta and now anchors the Europe morning show for CNN International from London. She is a part- time master's student of creative writing at Oxford University.

Famous folks with psoriasis (CNN) -- I spent more than a decade of my professional career on international television, my face visible to millions each day. Yet I spent a lifetime hiding.

For years, I guard a painful secret: I can't bear to look in the mirror. I shrink from bright light. A gaze that lingers a second too long makes me panic. A hot summer day sends me into the shadows.

I have fish-like scales. There are tiny red islands floating on the surface of my skin. They combine to create continents with jagged surfaces. They turn black and start to smell. There is blood and pus.

My scalp spits out silver flakes. My ears are filled with crusts. I leave white specks wherever I sit. I float in long, loose clothes. My hands betray me. The sores sit openly. My nails are dented with pockmarks. I find strands of hair on the sheets and pillowcases every morning.

I suffer from psoriasis. It's ravaged my body since I was 8. At its worst my plaques look like leprosy. I feel like a leper.

"Please can you leave the pool," a woman once told me when I was 22, visiting the Dead Sea in Israel, "we're not comfortable with you in it." She is horrified at my body. I am ashamed. I hang my head.

The landscape from my neck down is chaos.

So I choose to look away. I am able to dress perfectly in the dark. I can feel my way around a room or a closet full of clothes. I instinctively choose the dimmest corner of a restaurant to sit in. Winters are a relief only because I won't stand out covered from top to toe.

CNN anchor talks 'traumatic' skin disease

This 'Ugly' skin condition has no cure? Or does it...

My face is flawless. Not a blemish. Not a mark. Compliments are endless. But I am acutely aware that a horror film unfolds in secret beneath my clothes. I am effervescent and radiant on the outside and rotting inside. Which is the real me?

The cameras fire up, the red light turns on. I am splendidly made up. I lose myself in the moment. I am energized. I am focused. It's only my face. It is floating. It's all that exists. It gives me confidence.

No one has it all. I fight my body and myself all my life. I hit rock bottom many times because of my disease. It seems futile to try anymore. "Who will ever want me like this" I cry hysterically at home. "No one could ever touch me." My mother pulls me out self-loathing and defeatism. When I want to give up, she will not let me.

She becomes an expert on psoriasis. She reads medical journals and approaches alternative healers. She takes me for acupuncture and hypnosis. She mixes various acids in a lab for me to use on my skin and soaks me in a tub full of Dead Sea salt. The rest of the day, I am in a messy, smelly cream. Endless personal research, trial and error bring occasional relief.

Imagine the nightmarish teen years. I cower from close friendships. No one can know the truth. I never date. Intimacy is out of the question. I have no sensation of touch. The scales are too thick.

The itch is unbearable. I try and ignore it. It's impossible. It agitates me. I use all my strength and I tear at my skin. I am violent. I scratch back and forth until there is blood. It is too raw to do any more. I am filled with rage and humiliated.

So I disappear in my head, create fictional stories and characters. I play out entire conversations, lives and deaths, stories of courage and cowardice to escape myself. My mind is living a separate life from the body beneath it.

Somehow, my imagination takes me far. I am in my early 20s, and it's the beginning of my career. I am anchoring the prime time shows in Kenya. Tonight is a big opportunity. My game face is on.

I've spent the afternoon on hair and makeup. As I settle into the anchor's chair, I hear the faint rustle of plastic shrink wrap. I have wrapped up my legs and torso in the clingy film after soaking my scales in Vaseline so that the pain is lessened and the putrid smell contained. The director calls out. The floor manager cues me. The lights on, news copy in my hands, I smile and welcome millions of Kenyans into the studio.

The contrast is sharp -- behind closed doors, I have given up. I am on the floor. I am crying, screaming and itching insanely. My mother cries. I rarely see her cry. The last time was when my grandfather died.

Then an angel arrives.

A family friend approaches mum. "Your daughter looks unwell. She is losing her hair. What is the matter?" My mother, at her wits end, tells the woman the truth. "George," the angel says. "Tell her to go to George."

George is a small town in South Africa. I learn there is a clinic that specializes in treating severe skin disease. I adamantly refuse. I have had enough of doctors, hospitals, foul smelling topical creams and hopes dashed. Mum convinces me.

In a week, I find myself there against my wishes. I withstand the indignity, once again, of being naked, the grotesque lesions under neon light, and I listen to the shocked gasps of the doctors and nurses.

"We've never seen it this bad," one says in the tiny examination room.

I glance dully outside the window of my room to see a blue lake and a blue sky amid green trees and grass. Postcard perfect. I count the hours.

Zain Verjee
ZZain Verjee shares her experience with the illness.

Who could imagine where I am? I am a celebrity in Nairobi, making it big.

"What do you do?" I am asked.

"Nothing," I respond curtly to any one who dares make conversation with me. I certainly don't want to start a conversation about being on television or hosting a radio show for that matter. What would my viewers on KTN and listeners on Capital FM Radio think of me?

Mind, body and spirit are the focus at this clinic. It sounds insane to me. I am told to do mediation, deep relaxation and creative visualization three times a day. I lie on the floor listening to the voice in charge.

"Every day in every way I am getting better and better. I have no desire to eat the foods I know are bad for me..." I brainwash myself. It works.

I eat yogurt or bran for breakfast, salads or fish for lunch and chicken for dinner. Nothing tastes good. I yearn for Tabasco. I drink only herbal tea and torrents of water.

I write a long letter to my psoriasis, describing how it causes me pain, how it hurts my relationships, how it makes me weak. I blame it for not allowing me to be free. I blame it for my rage, my violence, my bullying and my inability to feel loved, for my need for praise and constant reassurance.

I berate and belittle it. I coax and cajole it. I remind it of my sexless life. I beg and plead for it to go away. Then I thank my psoriasis. It has taught me to have no vanity, more compassion and to withhold judgment.

I am crying, emotionally drained, and hot underneath my long sleeves and jeans. I take a shovel, pick a spot outside and dig deep. I place the pages into the hole. I plant a tree. I use my hands to touch the earth. Nature seems surprisingly reassuring.

In this instance, I bury my past. I have said everything I needed to say to my skin. The tree will give life, oxygen. Perhaps it will give me a chance to breathe again.

Zain Verjee
ZZain Verjee after the "nutrition" treatment.

A breakthrough.

It has been two weeks, and I see something no one else can see -- a tiny shift. In the center of one thick plaque, there is a slight thinning. I can discern this little dent only because I have been touching my skin.

This small success galvanizes me to stick rigidly to the tough diet I have promised to undertake. I am ecstatic, fully of new energy. My smile is real. I am positive.

I return to Nairobi with a new mindset, a sense of control. I maintain the regimen like a military staff sergeant.

Every 28 days, I see progress. It is small. But it is there. The months pass. The smell stops. The centers of the lesions disappear like small mountains collapsing on themselves. They turn from red to pink to white.

I watch with fascination the metamorphosis of my skin. The continents on my body move apart with the seismic change in my mind. The scales no longer build. Then they are gone. I can't believe it.

It has been six months. I am clear. I am in remission. I have no scales. I am normal. I am finally free.

And there is no medication. Only food. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

When I walk triumphantly into my dermatologist's office, she is startled. I healed myself with the power of my mind, I announce. She is shocked. She later tells me she believes there is a place for natural healing in medicine.

Zain Verjee
ZZain Verjee anchoring a CNN show.

I can't say what will work for others, but I believe that diet, mindset and a wonderful support system were the best long-term answers for me. There is a place for light therapy or steroid cream or biological medication, but back then I healed myself from the inside out.

After my transformation, my family takes me to Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast. I don't dread it for the first time in my life.

I have a new bikini, dark blue with a yellow rim. I have never worn one. It is so soft. It feels feminine. I have never felt like a woman the way I do when I put it on. I see all my curves in a different light. The mirror is not my enemy any longer.


Zain Verjee's psoriasis went into remission for 10 years. She still battles the condition today. Has a health problem ever defined your life? Share how you dealt with it in the comments section below.

The Boy, the Old Man and the Apple Tree - giving endlessly!

Posted by Matthew Katz on May 17, 2014 2:27:00 PM

describe the image
These stories of inspiration are often referred to in Hebrew as "adin" or gentle. They are suitable for almost every age and stage of life. "Each of us is on our own unique and special path but we can also draw wisdom strength and inspiration from each other.".....Jocelyn Mojzes

Jocelyn's stories are healing as they are related to the world of bibliotherapy and bibliodrama to successfully help children express themselves.
Children connect with this beautiful story of the boy emotionally and creatively. It helps them to develop their natural ability to imagine, empathize, understand and build trust in the world around them.
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Rheumatoid Arthritis is a serious condition that can be reversed!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Jan 7, 2014 3:49:00 AM

describe the imageMany children suffer from life-endagering and chronic autoimmune conditions like Arthritis, Psoriasis and Asthma. How many parents educate themselves and have the presence of mind to reverse these serious situations before body damage takes place?

Here is such an amazing story about a girl named Hadassah as seen on her bicycle.

"My name is Rina Shoshana and I want to share a great “healing” adventure of life with you!  My husband, Shlomo, and I have been enjoying the search for health in body, mind, and soul for over 22 years…

Our story – A true HEALING from crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the summer of 2000, when our active toddler, Hadassah, was less than two, we noticed that she was getting very “stiff”.  I started looking for possible reasons for this, as she seemed arthritic.  Our pediatrician did blood tests and, sadly, the results indicated rheumatoid arthritis.  He referred us to a specialist  at the Childrens’ Hospital in our hometown of Kansas City.  It took two months to see the rheumatologist, and over the course of those two months her condition and pain continued to progress and worsen.

Finally, we found ourselves sitting with our sweet, little daughter in the doctor’s office at the hospital and hearing the unfortunate diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. It happened to be a form of rheumatoid arthritis which effects every joint in the body.  The doctor told us that she would be on medication the rest of her life.  Most of western medicine believes this to be an “incurable” condition.  Many children diagnosed with this condition end up crippled and in wheel chairs.

My husband and I decided, right then and there, that this in no way would be a lifetime condition, and that our daughter could become 100% healthy again.  This was the most important thing we did…was to CHOOSE health…and then move forward with FAITH, determination, and positive expectation!

The doctors advised starting her immediately on very powerful drugs for which we declined.  From our years of interest in health and healing, we had learned that pharmaceutical drugs merely aim to alleviate symptoms.  And what we were interested in was true healing from within…not superficial removal of inflammation and surface aches and pains.

We went to work in earnest, in the most wholistic way possible, to help our daughter begin healing.  We believe that when one opens oneself up and is willing, G-d or Divine Providence will show the way.  I began making specific herbal baths that our daughter would soak in from the neck down…I stood in the shower, holding her, using the power of hydrotherapy with hot and cold showers…I wrapped her joints in castor oil fomentations at night…I made sure I was getting super nutrition with fresh vegetable juice (nature’s super foods) as I continued breastfeeding her.

With sincere and simple FAITH, we also sent out a letter to over 200 friends and family with her picture, explaining her painful situation and asking them to “visualize” her dancing and running and playing in perfect health!  We also asked them to pray for her and to say the healing prayer of Psalm 20 on her behalf.  After 3 months we returned to the Childrens’ Hospital for another check-up and did not receive a positive report.  They advised us to put splints on her arms/wrists to keep her joints from fusing together.  At this point, our daughter could not often stand-up on certain days, bend her wrists, nor move her neck freely from side-to-side. Indeed her every joint was swollen!

Amidst her pain, her incredible spirit somehow shown through with her wish to dance and smile.  We decided, at that point, to help her get over the hump by giving her the medication they were advising…KNOWING that it was a temporary adjunct to her healing process.

Keeping our faith-in-action program, we also decided upon a "Tzedaka" (translated as charity but more about our obligation as people to sincerely help others) project to take on in her merit, raising $10,000 for needed repairs for the ritual “mikveh” purity bath at our Chabad House Synagogue.  As a Jewish woman, I learned from our Sages that a married woman who covers her hair properly will merit many blessings for her children.  Clearly, I was willing to do anything for the sake of our daughter, and thus decided to cover my hair more carefully on her behalf.

This is what we believe “wholistic” healing to be: That we live in a body, we have an intellect, and we are spiritual beings…and that to become truly healthy, we must address ALL of ourselves.

We decided to move to Chicago for the sake of our children’s education and began seeing another rheumatologist.  Within a few months, her new doctor was weaning her off the medication.  Miraculously, our daughter was saying goodbye to "all traces of her illness."

With gratitude to the Creator, our daughter has continued to remain healed.  Her “life-long” sentence of an “incurable” condition was rather a short, albeit challenging,  year and a half of her life.  When she turned 4, we gave her a bike and rollerblades for her birthday!  She continues, at age 14, to be a happy, intelligient, healthy, active, and very flexible teenager who is most grateful that her parents chose to believe that she could be 100% well!

In conclusion, we are blessed with a rich and dynamic spiritual life, which three years ago brought our entire family of six to the ancient Judean hills of Israel.  Just across the magnificent desert from our home lies the Dead Sea, known for many healing mineral water and sun treatments for Psoriasis, Arthritis, Asthma and dozens of other ailments which nutrition can support, even if you cannot travel to Israel at this time. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE IF YOU BACK IT WITH FAITH-IN-ACTION as we have!

People arrive by the hundreds each month, from all over the world, to experience the healing riches of nature in this unique and special oasis.  I have recently joined the staff of HealthRightUSA and HealthrightISRAEL to be part of the first and ONLY HOLISTIC  DETOX  AND  HEALING  CENTER  AT  THE  DEAD  SEA.  (click here for more information about our special 21-day group programs).

You, too, can make a choice to heal naturally and have abundant health.  It’s the greatest power we have:  the power to choose.  You make the choice, and G-d or Spirit will guide your steps if you are open, willing, and dedicated to a path of wholeness and healing in mind, body, and soul.

Rina Shoshana"


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Joel Fuhrman, M.D.'s 8-Steps to Health by Nutritional Excellence!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Dec 9, 2013 11:56:00 AM


To be healthy, you must eat healthfully. However, for most of us, there is an internal conflict – part of us wants to be healthy, but another part seeks pleasure without regard for the consequences. Fear of change and of giving up unhealthy foods that you like, and the temptation of unhealthful food choices can derail your best intentions. To establish a healthy diet, the key is to learn and practice until you instinctually prefer healthy foods. These concepts are explained in more detail in my book Eat for Health, which outlines a gradual process to preferring a health-promoting diet.

1. Understand food addiction

Understanding food addiction is crucial to being able to make dietary changes. You may know that your diet and your health matter, but your brain doesn’t want you to change – your brain will always drive you to avoid discomfort, and because change to a healthier diet creates both emotional anxiety and even physical discomfort (or withdrawal) your decision making may be influenced by your brain’s subconscious desire to avoid this discomfort. Your primitive brain may be looking for excuses and rationalizations to explain why making a significant diet change is too difficult or just not for you. Your brain can be your body’s worst enemy. You have to learn about the addictive nature of processed foods and make a commitment to avoid them for a period of time to break free of this addiction. The only way that works is to let no excuse stand in your way. There is a solution for every potential obstacle.

2. Understand nutrient density

My dietary advice is unique, because I focus on quality, not quantity. The most important nutritional concept is this: Health = Nutrients/Calories. For excellent health and life expectancy, focus on consuming more foods with a high micronutrient to calorie ratio. Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals – they do not contain calories, but they have vital functions in the body. High–nutrient foods come straight from nature – whole plant foods like vegetables, fruit, seeds, and beans should be the basis of a healthy, anti-cancer diet. The nutritional discovery here is that without adequate micronutrients, food cravings, discomfort, and the demand to over-consume calories can be overwhelming and derail any effort to lose weight or eat healthfully.

You choose to Eat To Live because you have made the decision to maintain great health your entire life, to never suffer from a heart attack, diabetes, cancer or dementia. You are not satisfied with merely reducing your risk a little. You have learned that drugs, surgery and medical care are insufficient to protect you against a medical tragedy. You Eat To Live to avoid the need for medicines, to avoid the need for medical intervention, to avoid invasive surgery, and to avoid the medical tragedies that are so prevalent in our society. You decide to Eat To Live because you realize life is valuable and worth living fully, with your full mental faculties and physical abilities maintained into your later years.

3. Change your mind

The brain also wants to avoid being different from others in your social circle. Ask yourself, and honestly answer, “Am I engaged in eating behaviors that are detrimental to my health?” Also ask “Am I afraid to be different?” Unhealthy eating is the norm, but you don’t have to follow the crowd. Be proud of yourself for being different than those practicing slow suicide with food.  Learn as much as you can to understand the benefits of eating right.  Gaining knowledge helps to enable behavioral changes – my readers and patients are successful because they become experts in nutrition as they follow my program. Know that heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer are mainly results of poor diet and lifestyle choices, not the result of aging. Once you truly know the powerful effects – both positive and negative – that food can have on your body, you will feel empowered to eat healthfully and to stick with it.

4. Organize

The ability to make the right decision consistently requires planning. You need time to prepare and organize your life so that you have good-tasting healthy foods around you at all times to lessen temptation. Creating a quick and simple weekly schedule will help you organize and utilize your time more efficiently. Make shopping lists. Cook enough for multiple meals each time, so that you do not have to cook every night. Make sure to leave room for exercise, recreation, and spending time with family. The better you plan your schedule in advance, the easier it will be to adopt your new habits into your life. Also, take advantage of time-saving foods like frozen vegetables and bagged salads.

5. Re-train your taste buds.

Like developing any new skill, it takes practice to begin to enjoy new foods – you may have to try it 10-15 times before you begin to really like it, especially if your taste has been desensitized by the intense sweets and overly salted and processed foods that are the standard in the American diet. As you learn to enjoy the taste of healthy foods, your desire for unhealthy food will continue to lessen. Try new and different produce, for example dishes made with artichokes or exotic mushrooms, and experiment with different herbs, spices, and salt-free seasonings to create dishes that you love to eat. You will find lots of terrific recipes in my book the Eat To Live Cookbook and my earlier book, Eat for Health.


6. Embrace your natural sweet tooth

Our natural sweet tooth has a purpose – sweets from fresh fruits and sweet vegetables provide us not just with carbohydrates for energy but also with a large assortment of phytochemicals and other substances that prevent illness. Fruit makes the best dessert – for example, try blending up some frozen berries and bananas with a little hemp milk and vanilla for a delicious and easy berry-banana ice cream.

7. Make the salad the main dish

Leafy greens are the foods with the highest nutrient to calorie ratio – eat at least one large salad a day. My specialty is delicious, but healthful salad dressings that taste so good you will not only enjoy salads, but you will want to lick the bottom of the bowl when you are done.

8. Avoid nutrient deficiencies and eat lots of anti-cancer foods

No one diet can supply the optimal amount of nutrients for everyone, and individuals have different abilities to absorb certain nutrients. However, one of the most important deficiencies to recognize is Vitamin D. Over half of the world’s population is deficient in vitamin D. Making sure no deficiencies are present with a blood test and taking some extra vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids is a wise choice. Also, use lots of onions, mushrooms, and beans in your cooking as they have a powerful association with lower rates of breast and colon cancer.





Get Educated on Nutrition!



Dead Sea has Ein Gedi is the "Best Holistic Center" for Detox

Posted by Matthew Katz on Nov 13, 2013 8:26:00 PM

In 1970 before the Great "Salty" Sea, as it is called in Israel for centuries, started to be syphoned off for irrigation waters by both Israel and Jordan, from its tributary, the Jordan River, here is what the Israeliswho call it "Ya-Ma-Melach" show it really looked like from military satellite photos:

dead2   Current 2014 Dead Sea

The major change from this initial photo on the left to the one on its right is the disappearance of part of the lower sea -- stemming from a significant decline in the amount of water that reaches it, due to irrigation use. The sea level drops by about a meter every year, exposing large areas affected by dangerous sinkholes. The concentration of hotels that has sprung up in the Ein Bokek region has also had an impact on the Dead Sea. Some of the surrounding landscape was affected by digging and quarrying by the Dead Sea Works for both industry and cosmetics. In 1970, the level of the Dead Sea was measured at 395 meters below sea level. By 2013 this level sunk another 32 meters to an astonishing 427 meters below sea level (197 foot drop in water levels).

This major drop-off of water levels below (visible in light blue areas) separates the group of about 17 exclusive hotels/spas near Ein Bokek from the northern Dead Sea. In the upper, less changed Dead Sea section, where Ein Gedi Kibbutz Hotel Spa and it's magestic botanical gardens sit, the remaining true and lowest spot on the planet exists where the quality of these waters and minerals are unchanged by time!

All of the sections in lighter blue with lines going across are waters must continually be piped-up to Ein Bokek to keep the hotels and services open to the public. The natural resources of the Dead Sea are only at the low spot basin near Ein Gedi Kibbutz Spa and a few smaller, much less exotic Kibbutzim have public access beaches.

Consider coming to HealthRightUSA's Psoriasis and Arthritis Holistic Detox Programs beginning in May - October of 2014 by registering here.

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50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People - by Sally Beare

Posted by Matthew Katz on Nov 13, 2013 4:47:00 PM

childhood obesity

What are we feeding our children?

In this book review about 50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People, I  outline some of the most common traits of cultures that live long. Sally Beare writes about Okinawa, Japan; Symi, Greece, Campodimele, Italy, Hunza, Pakistan and Bama in China. What each culture has done is to exercise and eat very healthy fresh foods. NO PROCESSED ANYTHING! The key thing she states, is that they avoid the SAD diet, which stands for the "Standard American Diet" which consists primarily of red and white meats, dairy, processed sugars, salt and refined carbohydrates. And, one of the nation's and now worlds greatest "malnutritional" vendors is MacD's above. Go to our page on Diet and Nutrition for a book with more information on what to avoid.

Here are her 50 secrets, but to get the complete story it's a must read and can be found by following this link on - 50 Sally Beare

  1. Eat until you are only eight parts full
  2. Consume five to seven servings of fresh fruit and vegis per day
  3. Choose buckwheat, brown rice, and other whole grains
  4. Eat sprouted wheat bread
  5. Eat meat as a treat
  6. Prepare your meat right? yes a very important point to read!
  7. Choose organic goat's and sheep's cheese
  8. Be full of beans
  9. Have a good egg
  10. Find good fats in fish
  11. Have a handful of nuts and seeds daily
  12. Choose the wonder oil - Extra-Virgin Olive Oil!
  13. Beware of fats in disguise
  14. Use Garlic and Onions - nature's healers
  15. Discover the power of crunch vegis
  16. Keep aging away with a salad a day
  17. Give thanks for sweet potatoes
  18. Enjoy pizza...guilt free (occasionally, in moderation whole wheat best!)
  19. Snack on Apricots

and 31 other great ideas!

vegetables are healthyThis is a fascinating book to read and gives credance to how important it is to focus on fruits, vegis and lower our use of meat, milk and anything not produced organically. Meanwhiile, each of these ancient people are outdoors a lot getting plenty of sunshine, fresh mountain water and air, while they climb up and down hills and mountains doing daily chores.

This requires a complete return to the past...indeed! Our SAD food culture is killing us with diseases that none of these people suffer from.

What can we do? If you'd like to become more educated read below or seek out our nutritional consultant Dr. Jenn.

You have a right to be Healthy in the USA! -

Get Educated on Nutrition!

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Psoriasis Camp at Dead Sea - a conversation with our Naturopath

Posted by Matthew Katz on Oct 8, 2013 2:09:00 PM

describe the imagePresented here are a few points taken from the lectures presented to the participants of the last Psoriasis Camp held at the Dead Sea in Israel, the summer of 2013.

Although psoriasis is seen on the skin, the outside organ, healing is actually an inside game.  We need to arrive at the source of the problem.  This is the basis of natural healing.  Our bodies have amazing regenerative abilities.  Once we identify the source, we can begin to cleanse and nourish.  Natural substances, especially from the plant and mineral kingdoms, when chosen properly, along with conscious lifestyle modifications, can achieve long-term remission and healing. Results may vary individually with level of severity and determination with the diet protocol, etc.

Essentially, we are each a part of nature.  When we live in harmony with nature, we thrive.  When we go against the rules of nature, any number of states of dis-ease can overcome us.  So we aim to help continue balance or “The Flow” within our bodies.  An example of this is the process of proper breakdown and assimilation of many foods.  This begins with an ambience of pleasant surroundings while we eat.  A feeling of contentment and gratitude during the eating process allows the relaxing part of the nervous system to turn on the digestive tract to function efficiently. 

The opposite occurs when anger and rushing-about in our lives shut off the enzymes and smooth flow of food through the digestive tract.  So we encourage you to set up a wonderful calm environment when you eat using natural nourishing and when possible organic foods.

Elimination is another example of going with “The Flow.”  Imagine not taking out the garbage from your home for a week.  Not a pleasant thought.  Each of our bodies has its own disposal system.  We have four channels of elimination (see the list below) which enable our bodies to work efficiently, ONLY when we are well.   When theses channels/organs don’t function properly, trouble follows in the form of  “dis-ease.”  The four channels of elimination are the bowels, the urine, the lungs, and the skin.  If you help one function better, it takes the pressure off the others.

These are the four “vital” channels of elimination which keep us regulated and healthy:

  1. Kidneys (urine)

  2. Lungs (breathing and exhaling)

  3. Bowels (moving feces out of the body)

  4. Our Skin (sweats) – THE LARGEST ORGAN

Additionally, our Liver creates “bile” which filters our blood with over 500 other “life-saving” functions!

There is one other relevant organ of elimination that lies within the body.  That is the liver, which filters our blood as just one of over 500 vital functions of the body.

There was a time when natural healing methods were accepted by people in every culture.  This was before the 1840’s.  Until then, we valued the experience of thousands of years that offered people some common sense approaches to healing.  It’s a long story, too long for this article, yet that wisdom has been greatly lost and diluted in our society. 

The profession of Naturopathic Medicine, however, kept its embers alive throughout the last 170 years as the only real unbroken chain of this knowledge in the western world. This wisdom is now available.  Indeed, a lot of  scientific testing has built upon this wisdom.

Everyone acknowledges that conventional medicine has made great strides, meaning…the average life span has substantially increased in years.  In many fields of medicine tremendous advances have made life more comfortable.  In acute cases, modern medicine has shined, especially in saving lives in emergencies. 

However, in long term chronic diseases, modern medicine would be the first to admit they lack many answers.  To live longer while suffering from a chronic disease is not our first choice.  Natural medicine provides many answers by listening to nature and living by its rules. 

The amount of time of the healing is proportional to the amount of time you have a disease.  The longer the disease has been there, the longer the healing process.  We wish we could offer you a quick fix, but certainly you have tried that.  Relief may be gained, but it’s short-lived.

We are seeking on your behalf a real, long-term healing.  Here our tested and reliable formula (watch our testimonials here):

a)  Obtain the information.  At HealthRightUSA, we can provide you with the information, based on experience and past success. 

b)  If you don’t have it already, muster up your will power.  A person can do anything, once he/she wills it.  Of course, support helps, and that includes selecting professionals who will pick you up if you feel discouraged or depressed.  Choose those people and be sure surround yourself with only these positive people and thoughts! 

c)  It may seem obvious, but knowledge without action doesn’t do ANYTHING!   Once you have the right information and will power, together we shall put these new lifestyle changes into action in your own life. 

Through this process, you can feel great again and begin to live a highly energetic and productive life.

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Dietary intervention for Psoriasis is possible!

Posted by Matthew Katz on Oct 8, 2013 1:04:00 AM

Fresh from Dr. Fuhrman -
Dietary intervention is possible for Psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition and the most prevalent autoimmune disease in the U.S., affecting about 7.5 million Americans. More than a mere cosmetic ailment, psoriasis can also cause skin cracking, bleeding and pain — and is associated with increased cardiovascular risk, as well as other conditions, likely due to chronic inflammation.

Anyone suffering from psoriasis or other diseases associated with chronic inflammation would be advised to read Dr. Fuhrman’s article on healthy protocols that normalize immune function and reverse these conditions, without dangerous medications.

The Gut Connection - Psoriasis and other conditions

Posted by Matthew Katz on Sep 24, 2013 5:43:00 PM

By Adam McLeod:
August 14, 2013

Research is just beginning to show a strong connection between the digestive tract and overall well-being. It is surprising how many conditions that patients have which are directly linked to the functioning of the digestive tract. Usually the patient is completely unaware of the connection between their health concern and their gut (and unfortunately, usually their medical doctor is completely unaware of this connection). Common health concerns such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, inability to lose weight, depression, fatigue (just to name a few) are directly related to the health of the digestive tract.

First it is important to distinguish between a food allergy and a food sensitivity. A food allergy is when the body’s immune system reacts to a molecule in the food by initiating a powerful IgE mediated response. This can cause anaphylaxis, hives and acute digestive disturbances. Generally people are very aware of foods that they are allergic to because the response from the body is so dramatic. A food sensitivity is less dramatic in nature and it is the body responding with inflammation. This inflammation can be widespread and affect any tissue in the body. This causes significant concern when the inflammation response is excessive for long periods of time because this can lead to the development of chronic disease. It is extremely common for a patient to have a significant food sensitivity that they are completely unaware of. It is difficult to know that you are reacting to something if you have been exposed to it for your entire life, as far as your body is concerned this reactive state is the “norm”.

In the past it was thought that there was either a full blown allergic response to foods or that there is no response at all. Recent studies have shown that this logic is simply not correct and that there is a spectrum of responses that the body will have to the molecules present in food. Inflammation is a critical phase of the healing process as it is how the immune system focuses its resources on the problem area. Where inflammation becomes a problem is when it does not resolve and it remains excessive for a long period of time. During the inflammation process there are significant amount of free radicals released which initially have a very positive role in healing the tissue. These chemicals can cause damage if inflammation is uncontrolled. If the body is reacting to a food that it is being constantly exposed to for many years, this chronic inflammation will damage tissues and plant the seed for the formation of chronic disease.

Many times I will ask patients if they have been tested for food sensitivities and often the patient will reply, “Yes, I did the skin prick test with my doctor.” The problem is that this test does not look for food sensitivities at all, it looks for food allergies. When the skin is pricked and the body is exposed to a small amount of a substance then the skin will react if it is a substance that you are allergic to. Food sensitivities work by a completely different branch of the immune system so they would simply not show up by this test. There are ways to test for food sensitivities but these tests are usually not covered by medical plans and medical doctors are rarely aware of how to perform these tests. These tests are effective and it can be very helpful for a patient to see a digital graph displaying which foods they are sensitive to.

The gold standard for determining which foods you are sensitive to is through a food elimination and challenge diet. This process can be complicated so it is very important to have guidance from a professional with experience in this area. If the process is not done properly then you will never know if you are actually sensitive to the foods or not. After eliminating all of the foods which you are sensitive to for several weeks, the digestive tract has the opportunity to resolve any inflammation that has been chronically aggravating the cells in the digestive tract. If these aggravating foods have been in your diet for a long time then you will likely not be aware of this sensitivity until you eliminate the aggravators from your diet for several weeks. If the aggravating food is introduced after this elimination period then the patient will often experience discomfort such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue or anxiety. The list of potential effects is very long but generally speaking the patient will just not feel great when the food is reintroduced.

One of the first things that people notice when they eliminate these aggravating foods is weight loss. Very often patients are sensitive to gluten and dairy and when these foods are eliminated from the diet it is not uncommon for a patient to lose at least 15 pounds shortly after elimination. This makes perfect sense from a metabolic perspective because one of the hallmarks of inflammation is fluid retention in the affected area. If the entire digestive tract is in an inflamed state from an aggravating food then there is significant water retention along the entire tract. When this aggravation is removed then the water retention via this mechanism is reduced and the patient loses weight.

There are many chemicals that are released during the inflammation process which put the body into a more stressful state by activating the sympathetic nervous system. When there are high levels of these inflammatory markers in the body you will have less energy because these markers tell the cells that they need to focus on resolving the inflammation. To the body, inflammation is a sign that you cannot relax because resources need to be focused on resolving the inflammation. As a consequence your body puts less energy into other bodily functions that are important for quality of life.

I always find it remarkable how many people do not even realize how stressed out their body was until they remove these inflammatory foods. Many times the patient does not feel that anything is wrong and they just do the food sensitivity tests out of curiosity. The results then indicate a strong sensitivity and when this is eliminated the patient feels like the lights were suddenly turned on. They did not realize that they had a problem until their body exited this chronic inflammatory state. After eliminating the aggravating foods they have more energy, their mood improves and they lose weight that they had so much trouble losing in the past.

Chronic inflammation in the gut directly harms the intestinal cells. Normally the cells in the gut are very tightly bound together by structures called “tight junctions”. This essentially makes it impossible for any molecules to leak from the gut into the blood stream. If the integrity of the junctions is strong then the only molecules which can enter the blood stream are molecules that have been adequately digested by the cells. When these cells get damaged the gut becomes “leaky” and molecules begin to leak into the blood stream which should not be there. This is commonly known as “leaky gut syndrome”. There are a number of different down stream effects that seriously impact your health. If you are constantly eating foods which are aggravating your cells then your gut will be more permeable to these molecules. When these molecules start to leak into your blood stream the entire body is put into a stressed and inflamed state which is not conducive to healing. More research is beginning to come out that shows a very strong link between inflammation in the gut and chronic disease.

The good news is that the gut can heal very rapidly if given the right nutrients. The intestinal cells divide very rapidly so they can quickly replace damaged cells under the right conditions. It is very important to have guidance through the gut healing protocol because there can be other confounding factors in your individual case which must also be addressed. The most common Naturopathic approach to healing leaky gut is removing the aggravating foods and using a combination of glutamine, probiotics and omega-3’s. When high quality versions of these supplements are taken together in necessary doses then the gut can heal very quickly. It is amazing to see how effective these simple therapies are and many of these patients have been struggling to get any relief from the traditional medical system for many years without any success. After a few months of following these protocols they notice a major shift in the health and well-being.

For more articles, visit Adam's blog.

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Psoriasis is Depressing - You may Cry, then Work on your healing!

Posted by Yojeved Golani on Aug 20, 2013 3:23:00 PM

Golani"Speaking from professional and personal experience Yocheved Golani became the first person, worldwide, to regain her "sight" after a devastating brain tumor crushed her optic nerves and almost killed her." She says "it's OK to Cry, then do something about it!"

Yocheved shocked the conventional medical world with her ground breaking book, "It's MY Crisis & I'll Cry if I Need To!" The results of this amazing and holistic work-book is that it offers the lay-person and expert many alternative healing approaches. It will astound every reader with her sensitively described experiences which have put her into a position to guide others suffering from many types of acute conditions, like psoriasis. Link to her blog here!

Ask Yocheved

A former Health Information Management professional now certified in Counseling Skills and as a Spiritual Chaplain, Yocheved Golani poured a world of patient-empowering information into her ground-breaking book. Now Yocheved joins forces with HealthRightUSA, Inc. and you can speak directly with her here!

Yocheved does Self-Help Coaching to enable her clients to identify, then to focus on their chosen goals. She becomes your active partner and cheerleader. Six sessions (face-to-face, by phone or E-mail) and then you're on your own, far better able to achieve your personal goals to improve your inner & outer health and live a truly active and productive life.

Her work is praised by Dr Daniel Eisenberg MD who is a medical ethicist practicing in the Albert Einstein Medical Center Department of Radiology in Philadephia, who is also an assistant professor of Diagnostic Imaging at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine. Yocheved's book comes in digital and print format. To order directly, click here now: It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry If I Need To: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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