teaches psoriasis and diabetes patients "right living" diet, exercise, meditation and attitudes that will help them maintain their general health and maintain clear skin for years t

Scholarship Program

Based on our fundraising efforts and past revenues, 100% of after expense dollars will go to benefit those suffering with "ACUTE PSORIASIS."

We plan to raise funds and grant scholarships as we become more known in Israel, Europe and the USA.

Eligible patients must qualify with individual income not greater than $40,000, couples not greater than $55,000 or families was not greater than $75,000.

In the meantime, those who can afford to pay are encouraged to apply. Your application will be kept until we have funds and review your eligibility.

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Follow Me offers consulting services, books and lifestyle education to help "psoriasis" patients manage their clear skin for years to come!

Our Mission & Goals

describe the imageBased on our capital campaign, our nonprofit plans to offer FULL SCHOLARSHIPS* for Psoriasis, Eczema and Psoriatic-Arthritis patients. Our programs treat these conditions at the Dead Sea in Israel. We use natural methods of sun treatments, sea mineral baths and physician-supervised healthy nutrition.

We teach current patients "healthy living" through nutritional excellence, exercise, meditation and positive mental attitudes which will help them maintain their general health and maintain clear skin for years to come.

*Scholarships are based on the economy and our fundraising efforts currently underway. Please give generously to help others receive this treatment!

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