With Nutrition patient experienced major skin clearing in 6-months!

See how Brent recovered from "acute Psoriasis" in the photos on top. Here are his comments: Results may vary!

Hello Matthew,

I've been wanting to send off a "hello" to you for some time now, sorry for the delay. Things are well here, my skin has continued to improve. I actually skipped showering and creaming up yesterday... something I typically dare NOT even try.

My wife has really noticed continued improvement even since my arriving home from the Dead Sea "Psoriasis Camp" with you last July. And, we just noticed, mostly in the past month great clearing even 5 months after being in Israel.

I have been eating NO red meat, chicken once weekly, more fish, almost no fast food, dairy only on occasion, majority gluten free, no potatoes, low sugar, and no nightshades. Also using my light uvb narrowband. Installed water softener and de-clorinator for showers and reverse osmosis for drinking.

We have noticed, due to all of these lifestyle changes a huge difference in my skin color when exiting a long shower.(I used to come out blood red).

Take care and we'll chat soon! - Brent (happy to be home in Canada with family and friends completely healed!)

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And, here are some other of our recent patient's experience at the Dead Sea!

Ben Franklin Duplessis

"I therefore took the Hot Bath twice a Week two Hours at a time 'till this last Summer. It always made me feel comfortable, as I rubb’d off the softned 'Scurff' in the warm Water."


Found in Yale transcriptions of his life's writings (Franklin's Journal of His Health - Sun, Oct. 4, 1778)


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