Do you have Psoriasis? We provide nutritional support.

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Psoriasis Patient's condition June 2013 Clear skin after 6 months of nutrition program

No one dies from Psoriasis, but it is a difficult condition!

In years of study, our founder, Matthew Katz (see more) a psoriasis patient of 30 years went to Israel's Dead Sea and found immediate relief, but was not cured. Matthew's 100% clearing from the Dead Sea treatment lasted for 6 months. This alone was fantastic.

Download his Journal Here for FREE about his experiences in Israel 2007 & 2013!

Your next step is to become a student yourself, and try both diet and nutrition, even if you are not ready to go to the Dead Sea this year. Meanwhile consult with us by skype or try our 10-day diet to see if you feel any different. In every case, consult** with your health practitioner first.

** Results may vary depending on the severity and years with this condition, you may consult your practitioner.

For $29.95, order this 10-day cleansing/detox diet, with 20-minutes of a consultation. GET STARTED, GO TO PAYPAL, RETURN TO WEBSITE, ENTER EMAIL & DOWNLOAD DIET. 


Eliana Cohen, our certified nutritionist will guide you.


"YOU CAN CLEAR YOUR SKIN!" ** - - says Dr. Moskowitz. He's been treating patients with these conditions for over 25 years.

Avraham Moskowitz

Work with our Naturopath one-on-one for 10 weeks for ONLY $49 per week. 
  • Weekly 30-minute (by Skype) consultations
  • Get your personalized eating plan with encouraging "Goal Setting" emails every week!